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Touch My Katamari
Developer Namco Bandai Games
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
System(s) PSVita
Series Katamari

The tenth game in the Katamari series, Touch My Katamari brings all the Katamari rolling fun to the Vita. You play as the Prince once again and must help fulfill requests on behalf of the King of the Cosmos, in order to snap the King out of a depression and make everyone remember how awesome he is.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Complete all Requests
  • Collect all Presents
  • Collect all Cousins
  • Collect all Curios
  • Collect all Fashion Items
  • Unlock all Songs
  • Unlock Eternal Mode and Katamari Drive for all Requests

Completion Tips[]

Make sure you roll up everything you can in each level, certain Curios, Cousins, and Presents can only be rolled up while your Katamari is a certain size, so if you become to big you will need to restart or replay levels in order to obtain any missed collectables.