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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game
Developer Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher THQ
System(s) PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
Series SpongeBob SquarePants

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a 3D platformer published by THQ under the Nick Games label. It is based off the movie of the same name. It was once again developed by Heavy Iron Studios, who made Battle for Bikini Bottom; as such, this game is a spiritual sequel of sorts, having similar game mechanics. For that reason, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie received similarly positive reception from critics and SpongeBob fans.

Following the plot of the movie, SpongeBob is sad that he didn't get the manager position for the new Krusty Krab 2; Mr. Krabs said this was because SpongeBob is "just a kid". At the same time, Plankton hatched his ultimate scheme, dubbed Plan Z, where he steals King Neptunes crown, sells it to Shell City, and frames Mr. Krabs for it. While SpongeBob is reluctant at first (due to still being upset over not becoming manager), he eventually snaps out of it when King Neptune freezes Mr. Krabs, only to un-freeze him once the crown is returned. With the help of King Neptune's daughter Mindy, SpongeBob will stop at nothing to save Mr. Krabs and get back King Neptune's crown . . . maybe then he might just prove that he's a man.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Foil Plankton's plans and win the game.
  • Collect all Goofy Goober tokens.
  • Collect all hidden treasure chests, unlocking everything in the gallery.
  • Upgrade SpongeBob and Patrick to their maximum potential by collecting Manliness Points.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • No Death Run: The game plays a negative jingle when you die, so you'll know if you made a mistake.
  • Time Trial Master: Beat Heavy Iron's best times on all levels that have them. There's a secret spot in Welcome to Planktopolis...Minions that will tell you their best times should you go there.
  • Minimalist Run: Beat the game without upgrading anything except for Patrick's *dolphin noise* Smash.

Completion Tips[]

The upgrade for Patrick's *dolphin noise* Smash is an absolute necessity in Shell City, Dead Ahead, as certain points expect you to stun the dog-leash enemies so you can throw them at switches. Without this ability, it will be impossible to carry on due to one area not having a Throw Fruit. Also, try to upgrade your spin attacks as soon as possible so they can reflect projectiles. There are certain enemies later on that can be a major hassle without this ability, especially in the combat arenas. The upgraded Sponge Bowl is also good for crowd control, and the upgraded throw can help when defeating flying enemies from afar. Extra health is always nice, but only upgrade it if you're already maxed out the spin attack and the *dolphin noise* Smash. SpongeBob's upgraded Bash is not very useful except for a few spots, so save that for last.