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The Revenge of Shinobi, also known as The Super Shinobi in Japan, is a side-scrolling action game for the Sega Genesis. The corporation Zeed, once thought destroyed by Joe Musashi, has been reconstructed under the new name "Neo Zeed". Their first order of business was to kill Joe's master and kidnap his wife-to-be, Naoko. Now, Joe needs to defeat Neo Zeed and rescue his bride before she is killed.

The game is notable for having numerous pop-culture references to the likes of Rambo, Godzilla, and Batman. One revision even features Spider-Man, as Sega had his rights from developing the Spider-Man arcade game and Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin.

Ports were released for Sega CD (in the compilation Sega Classics Arcade Pack), PC, Dreamcast (in Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1), Wii Virtual Console, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade (in Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd and Co.). The PC version uses a prototype version of the game due to an error in Sega's part. The game was also rereleased on Genesis in the 6-Pak compilation.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Beat the game on Hardest difficulty, getting the good ending.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • No Continue Run
  • No Death Run: Hard and Hardest difficulty only give you one life, but extra lives can be collected during the course of the game.
  • Speed Run
  • No Shuriken Run: There's an option to set the amount of shurikens you have to zero. Do this, and don't collect any shuriken pickups during gameplay
  • No Ninjitsu Run: Don't use Ninjitsu any time during gameplay.

Completion Tips[]

There's a secret spot near the second moving platform in Stage 3-2 which, if you shoot it, will reveal a 1-up powerup that gives you two lives (at least in the 6-Pak version). If you want to farm for extra lives, you can keep revealing this secret spot while purposefully dying after collecting it (the opening doors will instantly kill you on this level, since you're on an airplane).

Try to end Stage 2-3 with 100,000 points, which will net you a health bar extension. The easiest way to earn that score is to beat stages 1-1 through 2-3 without using any Ninjitsu, which will net you a high technical bonus.

The good ending is earned by beating the final boss within a short period of time. You can hit a certain target with your shurikens to increase the amount of time you have.