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Super Metroid
SuperMetroid boxart
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) SNES
Additional Systems Virtual Console
Series Metroid

After the space pirates attack Ceres Space Colony and steal the last member of the Metroid species, Samus Aran returns to the planet Zebes to recover the stolen Metroid and defeat Mother Brain once and for all.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Collect all suit upgrades, energy tanks, and weapon expansions. These include:
    • 46 missile tanks, for a total of 230 missiles.
    • 10 super missile tanks, for a total of 50 super missiles.
    • 10 power bomb tanks, for total of 50 power bombs.
    • 14 energy tanks and 4 reserve tanks.
  • Finish the game in under 3 hours for the best ending.
    • During the escape sequence, the player may return to the Bomb Torizo room to free the Etecoons and Dachoras. Doing so results in a minor change to the ending cutscene, and is considered canon.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • Minimalist Run
    • In order to complete the game, you need at least 3 Energy Tanks to survive a scripted event during the final boss.

Completion Tips[]

Energy tanks and weapon expansions are not uniquely identified or tracked in the game, so a thorough player may wish to use a checklist to avoid a long search for the remaining ones at the end of the game.