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Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Wii
Series Super Mario

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the fourth 3D Mario platformer, and the direct sequel to the first game on the Wii. The game introduces new Items, along with returning Mario characters such as Yoshi.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Get all 242 stars

Master Run Ideas[]

  • No Death Run
  • Speedrun

Completion Tips[]

  • The Final World is unlocked after beating the Final Boss.
  • Beating the Final Boss with 120 Stars will unlock Green Stars for every level in the game.
  • Collecting all 120 Green Stars will unlock the Final Level
  • Beating the Final Level and depositing 9999 Star Bits in the Toad Bank will unlock the Daredevil Comet for the Final Level, rewarding you with the final Star in the game.