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Super Mario 64
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Nintendo 64
Additional Systems Nintendo DS
Series Super Mario

Super Mario 64 is the first game in the 3D Super Mario series, later followed by Super Mario Sunshine and the Super Mario Galaxy games. Super Mario 64 had a great impact on 3D platforming and affected many other games of the genre.

In Super Mario 64, the player takes the role of Mario, who gets a letter from Princess Peach to come to the castle. Here, he finds out that the princess has been kidnapped yet again, and that he will have to collect stars to save her.

Completion Requirements[]

Super Mario 64[]

  • Beaten the final boss
  • Collect all 120 stars

Super Mario 64 DS[]

  • All requirements from original version
  • Collect all 150 stars (30 new stars)

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed run
  • 1-UP Chase (Green Demon)

Completion Tips[]

Each regular level has six stars. An additional seventh star can be aqcuired by collecting 100 coins inside of a level. Bowser levels and levels in which you can aqcuire a new kind of cap always have 8 red coins in them. Collecting them all will result in a star.

Beating the final boss does not earn you a star, even though it looks like it.

There are various secret levels hidden inside of the castle. Finding all these is necessary for obtaining every star.

  • The Princess's Secret Slide (2 Stars)
  • The Secret Aquarium (1 Star)
  • Bowser in the Dark World (1 Star)
  • Tower of the Wing Cap (Wing Cap) (1 Star)
  • Cavern of the Metal Cap (Metal Cap) (1 Star)
  • Vanish Cap Under the Moat (Vanish Cap) (1 Star)
  • MIPS (2 Stars)
  • Bowser in the Fire Sea (1 Star)
  • Wing Mario Over the Rainbow (1 Star)
  • Bowser in the Sky (1 Star)
  • Toad's Stars (3 Stars)
    • Toad 1: Near the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave.
    • Toad 2: Under the staircase on the second floor.
    • Toad 3: Near the entrance to Tick Tock Clock.