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Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher Konami
System(s) Playstation
Additional Systems Saturn, Windows, Playstation Network, Playstation Portable
Series Suikoden

Brief description of the game (one or two paragraphs).

Completion Requirements[]

  • Recruit all 108 Stars of Destiny
  • Complete the Game

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Low Level Challenge
  • Speed Run

Completion Tips[]

It is recommended that you follow a guide for recruiting characters if you want to get the perfect ending for this game.


  • If you do not have every character recruited prior to the Battle at Gregminster at the end of the game you will be unable to get 100% completion and will not be able to see the perfect ending.

Completion Bonus[]

  • If you have a save file at the final save point with all 108 Stars of Destiny recruited and the conditions met to recieve the the perfect ending, you can upload that file to Suikoden II and you will be able to recruit Tir McDohl and Gremio to your army.