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Stretch Panic
Stretch Panic Coverart
Developer Treasure Inc.
Publisher Conspiracy Entertainment
System(s) PlayStation 2

Stretch Panic is an unconventional action game by Treasure for the PlayStation 2. It tells the story of Linda, a girl whose sisters were possessed by demons and transformed into monsters. To rescue them, Linda must use her magic scarf, which is able to grab and stretch enemies and objects.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Defeat and exorcise all 12 sisters.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speedrun
  • No Death Run
  • No Damage Run
  • Minimalist Run: Try to complete the game using as few points as possible. Every boss door has a cost to enter, and it costs 5 points to execute a Scarf Bomb attack. The minimum score the game can be completed with is 93.

Completion Tips[]

To exorcise a sister, Linda must successfully pull of a complete Scarf Bomb attack during battle. This is done by grabbing onto the sister and pressing L3 & R3 simultaneously. Then, the player must wiggle the left and right sticks around in order to cause extra damage to the opponent. After a few seconds, a flash of light will appear, indicating the exorcism was successful. Be forewarned that if Linda is damaged during this state, the Scarf Bomb will be broken and the exorcism will be incomplete.