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Rayman 1 cover
Developer Ludimédia/Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
System(s) Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, DOS
Additional Systems Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DSiWare, PlayStation Network
Series Rayman

Rayman is a 2D platform game released in 1995 by Ubisoft. It tells the tale of Rayman, a limbless character who is tasked with recovering the Great Protoon and its surrounding Electoons from the nefarious Mr. Dark. Using abilities he acquires from Betilla the Fairy, Rayman will go through forests, caves, mountains, and more, not resting until Mr. Dark is defeated and the Great Protoon is back in its rightful place.

Rayman is the brainchild of Michel Ancel, who went through a couple of revisions before settling on the character we see today. Initially, Rayman would've had arms, but this caused problems with the animations, so Rayman's hands, body, and head simply floated above his feet, eventually becoming one of his defining character traits. The game was a major success, with most critics praising it for its highly detailed cartoon graphics. It found its way to numerous video game consoles including the Atari Jaguar, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, DOS, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (as Rayman Advance), and DSiWare. The PlayStation version would also be available on PlayStation Network, and the DOS version got an updated release called Rayman Gold, which features a level editor. Rayman Advance is also included in a compilation with Rayman 3 called Rayman 10th Anniversary.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Open all six Electoon cages in each level by punching them.
  • Defeat Mr. Dark.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • No Death Run
  • No Continue Run
  • Magician Master: Beat all of the Magician's bonus stages

Completion Tips[]

The final level will not open unless all Electoon cages are opened in every previous stage.

You are not able to open any Electoon cages until you get the punch ability from Betilla. Fortunately, this is found very early in the game, so it only affects the area before you reach Betilla.

The last ability you will acquire is running. Once you have this, you can go back to previous levels and open every single Electoon cage (provided you know how to reach them).

Having a save game can make things a lot easier. If you are using passwords, all six Electoon cages must be opened in a single run of the level; if you miss even one, you must do the whole thing over again.

Once a 1-up is picked up, it will not respawn. The only way to grind for extra lives is by collecting Tings. Master the early stages, as these are the only reliable places you can get Tings without the risk of dying.

Dying will take away your Tings, your speed punch, and your gold punch, in addition to resetting your health back to three (five in the Game Boy Advance/DSiWare rereleases).