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Pokémon Yellow Version
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Gameboy
Series Pokémon

Pokémon Yellow is the third version game for the first generation of Pokémon titles (it is the fourth game in Japan, following the Japanese exclusive Pocket Monsters Blue), this is the first game to introduce the concept of the third game, which allowed the developers to release a game that was largely similar to its predecessors, with a few minor story or mechanical tweaks.

The story of Pokémon Yellow is more based off of the Pokémon anime series than the previous games in the series. At the start of your journey you will start with a Pikachu, instead of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, and other changes include the addition of Team Rocket from the TV series, changes to wild Pokémon, and changes to certain Pokémon learn sets.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Collect the eight badges and complete the Kanto Pokemon League
  • Obtain all Pokémon available in game
  • Battle every trainer

Completion Bonus[]

  • Completing the Pokédex and visiting the large building in Celadon City will get you a digital diploma congratulating you on finishing the Pokédex.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Nuzlocke Challenge
  • Mono Type Run
  • Single Pokemon Run
  • Speed Run
  • Low Level Run

Completion Tips[]

  • You will be unable to finish the Pokédex with just this game alone, copies of both Red and Blue are required due to Yellow not having Electabuzz or Magmar.
  • You will be unable to acquire Raichu in this game without either trading your Pikachu to another game cart or trading another Pikachu onto your copy of Yellow, as the starter Pikachu will refuse if you try to give it a Thunderstone.
  • Due to Mew only being obtainable through official Nintendo events, you will be unable to obtain all 151 Pokémon without the use of a cheat device or glitching.