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Pokémon Red and Blue
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Game Boy
Additional Systems Game Boy Advance
Series Pokémon

The first two games in the Pokémon franchise, these two games intrduced us to the RPG phenomenon that is still going strong to this day. With a easy to learn and difficult to master battle system, the games appeal to trainers both young and old, the game still has an active competitive scene online.

In Pokemon Red and Blue (or Green in Japan) the player takes control of a Pokémon trainer just setting out on an adventure in the region of Kanto with his first Pokémon.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Obtain all eight badges and defeat the Elite Four
  • Catch all available Pokémon
  • Battle every trainer

Completion Bonus[]

  • Fully completing the Pokédex (save for Mew) and visiting the large building in Celadon City will get you a digital diploma congratulating you on finishing the Pokédex.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Nuzlocke Challenge
  • Mono-type run
  • One Pokémon run

Completion Tips[]

  • Fully completing the Pokédex is impossible without trading from another first generation Pokémon game (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). If you have Blue (Green in Japan), Red has all the Pokémon you don't have, and vice versa. You would need a third game to get the last starter Pokémon though, and there are several occurences where you're given a choice of two Pokémon, neither of which can be found anywhere else.
  • Due to Mew only being obtainable through official Nintendo events, it is impossible to catch the elusive 151st Pokémon without the using of a cheating device or glitiching.