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Pokémon Pinball
Developer Jupiter
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Game Boy Color
Series Pokémon

Pokémon Pinball is a the first game in the Pokémon Pinball spin-off series and one of the earliest spin-offs in the Pokémon franchise.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Visit all areas
  • Complete all Bonus Games
  • Capture all 151 Pokémon

Completion Tips[]

  • Capturing every Pokémon can be very time consuming due to the random nature of moving between areas, some areas are also not available at the start of the game and must be unlocked before you are able travel to them.
  • To obtain Mew, you must complete the three bonus areas on the field you're playing twice and then travel to the Indigo Plateau for an oportunity to have Mew appear.