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Metroid Prime: Hunters
MetroidPrimeHunters boxart
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Nintendo DS
Series Metroid

Samus Aran has been asked to investigate a mysterious message that originated from the Alimbic solar system. Samus discovers that long ago, a creature named Gorea destroyed most of the civilization that once lived there, and was sealed away by its inhabitants. Samus must defeat the creature before it escapes its intergalactic prison, but she is not the only one hunting...

Completion Requirements[]

  • Collect all suit upgrades, energy tanks, and weapon expansions. These include:
    • 9 missile expansions, for a total of 95 missiles.
    • 12 universal ammo (UA) expansions, for a total of 400 universal ammo.
    • 7 energy tanks.
  • Fulfill the Alimbic Prophecy to unlock the true ending.
  • Get 100% of logbook scans.
  • Unlock all movie clips.
  • (Optional) Unlock all multiplayer arenas.
  • (Optional) Unlock border and gold emblem on Hunter Record.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • Minimalist Run

Completion Tips[]

Energy tanks and weapon expansions are not uniquely identified or tracked in the game, so a thorough player may wish to use a checklist to avoid a long search for the remaining ones at the end of the game.


Many log book entries can be missed if not scanned before certain points in the game.  This guide by NDS_Master has logbook information embedded in the walkthrough that will make sure you don't miss any.  Wikitroid also has a list of the logbook entries with the missable scans marked.