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Metroid II: Return of Samus
Metroid2 boxart
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Game Boy
Additional Systems 3DS Virtual Console
Series Metroid

Metroid II follows Samus Aran on a mission to exterminate the Metroid species from their home planet SR388. On the planet, Samus encounters Metroids in different stages of their evolution cycle, while racing to eliminate them before the Space Pirates can obtain them.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Collect all suit upgrades, energy tanks, and missile pods.
    • There are 22 missile pods to collect, for a total of 250 missiles.
    • There are 6 energy tanks in the game, but you can only carry 5.
  • Finish the game in under 3 hours for the best ending.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • Minimalist Run

Completion Tips[]

Missile tanks and energy tanks are not uniquely identified or tracked in the game, so a thorough player may wish to use a checklist to avoid a long search for the remaining ones at the end of the game.