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Metroid: Zero Mission
Metroid -- Zero Mission (box art)
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System(s) Game Boy Advance
Series Metroid

A remake of the original NES game, Zero Mission sees Samus Aran traversing the winding caverns of Zebes, now with new content and updated gameplay.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Collect all suit upgrades, energy tanks, and weapon expansions. These include
    • 12 Energy Tanks
    • 50 Missile Tanks (250 total)
    • 15 Super Missile Tanks (30 total)
    • 9 Power Bomb Tanks (18 total)
    • All 14 major items
  • Beating the game unlocks Hard Mode. Here, enemies do more damage, and appear in different positions. Expansions also give you half of what they would in Normal Mode (Energy Tanks give you half of a tank, Missile Tanks give 2 instead of 5, etc.)
  • (Optional) The image that appears when revealing your final game time and item percentage varies depending on your time and percentage, as well as the difficulty mode played on, with the hardest appearing for clearing the game in under 2 hours with 100% of items collected on Hard Mode. These images are saved in the gallery, available in the options menu after beating the game.
    • There are also images rewarded for beating the game on Normal and Hard modes with 15% of items collected or less
    • Linking the game with Metroid Fusion adds ending screens from that game to the gallery, including those only achievable in the Japanese version of that game, and some that can only be viewed in this way
  • (Optional) Beating the game unlocks the original Metroid, available in the options menu, which may be Completed at your own discretion.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
    • On a completed file, pressing Up-Left-Right-Down on the "Start Game" menu will unlock the option to start a Time Attack play-through. This is a variant of Normal Mode which will save your completion time in the options menu, with any% and 100% times saved separately.
  • Minimalist Run

Completion Tips[]

The map will show unattained expansions as a circle in the room, and obtained expansions as dots. In addition, after beating the game, a Metroid icon is displayed next to your file on the File Select screen. On this file, the pause screen will display the number of each expansion you have collected in each area, with an icon indicating you have obtained all of a given item in that area.

In addition, several items can only be obtained with Power Bombs, which themselves can only be obtained very close to the final boss in Chozodia. As such, it is advisable to beat the game once you are there to trigger the New Game + features, and come back again with 100% of items. These effects will persist if you select "Start Over" instead of "Continue" when selecting a file.

If you are attempting a Minimalist Run, there are 9* items that must be collected to beat the game:

  • Morph Ball
  • 1 Missile Tank
  • Morph Ball Bomb
  • Varia Suit
    • If you don't pick this up, it will be given to you automatically after beating the Ruins Test
  • Power Grip
  • Ice Beam
  • 3 Unknown Items

If you are only trying to unlock the ending screens, you may collect another 6* expansions or suit upgrades to help you.

*If you are playing Hard Mode on the American or Japanese version of the game, you will also need one of the following to avoid a softlock in Chozodia (this does not apply to the European version):

  • 1 additional Missile Tank
  • 1 Super Missile Tank
  • Screw Attack