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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is a 3D platform action game for the PlayStation 2 by Capcom Digital Studios. It was intended to be an alternate universe-style reboot to the Ghosts N' Goblins series. The protagonist Maximo finds one day that his adviser, Achille, has betrayed him and taken over his kingdom. While near death, he meets the Grim Reaper, who offers to restore Maximo's life in exchange for defeating Achille and stopping his drill from freeing the underworld spirits.

The game is notable for its difficulty, as well as its cartoony art style by Susumu Matsushita.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Win the game.
  • Complete every stage with 100% mastery, including the secret final stage.
  • Collect all four kisses from the four maidens, and unlock the art gallery.

Due to the difficulty of the game, you can have two save files, one with the kisses and another with 100% mastery, and still be eligible for 100% completion.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Complete the game with 100% mastery and all four kisses on a single save file.
  • No death run
  • Speed Run


The four kisses that are earned from the maidens after defeating a boss can easily be lost forever. First off, if the player chooses full armor or the save game instead of the kiss, there is no way to recover it. Second, the kisses are stored in Maximo's ability slots. By pressing select, it's possible to choose which power ups are in the locked ability slots. Any powerups not locked in the ability slots will be removed upon death. If a kiss is lost in this fashion, it's gone forever.

Completion Tips[]

Some players may not be aware how to save the game, which could trip them up if they were trying to go for a four kiss run. To save, go to the pool of water found in a hub level and stand on the triangle icon. The game will give you a button prompt and let you warp to a previous world or save the game. It costs 100 koins to do this.

If you need to, keep farming for koins and armor in the first level. Bring your koin count to the thousands level if possible so you can save as often as you'd like.

To complete a level with 100% mastery, you must defeat every single enemy legitimately (don't let them fall down pits), collect every koin and item, open every chest (even the mimics), purchase everything the game sells you, and uncover every single hidden chest. Hidden chests can be revealed by double jumping and pressing the Triangle button; this command thrusts your sword into the ground. Finding every secret can take some trial and error, but keep at it, and be sure to note exactly where you found a chest if you find one accidentally.