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Kya: Dark Lineage
Developer Eden Games
Publisher Atari
System(s) PlayStation 2

Kya: Dark Lineage is a 3D platformer for the PlayStation 2, developed by Eden Games and published by Atari. Kya is a city girl with a taste for adventure. One day, she and her brother, Frank, enter a mysterious portal, sending them to the world of the Nativs. There, she discovers that the evil Brazul is turning the Natives into wolf-like creatures known as the Wolfen. To make matters worse, Frank was kidnapped by the Wolfen during the initial ambush. Kya vows that it is her duty to free the Nativs, rescue her brother, and defeat Brazul.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Defeat Brazul
  • Exorcise all Wolfen, turning them back into Nativs
  • Purchase all bracelets and non-restockable items

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed Run
  • No Death Run: Note that the game only considers you dead when you see the Game Over screen with Brazul laughing at you; players can extend this to not falling down any cliffs.

Completion Tips[]

Always have enough mana with you at all times. This is required to exorcise the Wolfen, as well as restore health at the amber shards.