Backloggery Wiki
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios
System(s) NES
Series Ducktales

DuckTales is a 2D platformer for the NES featuring Scrooge McDuck, traveling across the world to obtain treasures and defeat competitors and villains. In this game, McDuck travels to five distinct destinations, where he fights well-known villains from the DuckTales franchise using only his cane.

Completion Requirements[]


  • Unock the best ending by having over a billion points
  • Do so on highest difficulty
  • Find all three extra lives
  • Find all three(?) extra health

Master Run Ideas[]

  • Speed run
  • Obtain the maximum amount of money (highest difficulty)
  • Do not lose any health/lifes (highest difficulty)
  • Minimalist Run: Complete the game with $0 as your final score. This nets you a special "bad" ending.

Completion Tips[]

Obtaining life and extra health in levels you have less trouble with before playing the harder levels is very much reccomended. Memorizing the best path across certain levels is useful, as some levels can be maze-like.

Memorizing where health can be found and only opening such chests or activiting such triggers when you need said health would increase your chances.

If you are going for a Minimalist Run, note that one section in the Amazon requires you to pay $300,000 to cross. If you don't want collect any money at all, there's a way to skip the statue by convincing an enemy to follow you into the room, then using your pogo on his head to reach the vine above. Otherwise, you can use this opportunity as "wiggle room" in case you collect any money; just be aware that you need to have exactly $300,000 to still be eligible for the Minimalist Run. Also, there's a trick in the final boss where pressing the Select button will restore a lost hit point at the cost of $3,000,000; however, some people may consider this "cheating".