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Double Dragon Neon
Double Dragon Neon promotional poster
Developer WayForward Technologies/Abstraction Games
Publisher Majesco
System(s) Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network
Additional Systems PC
Series Double Dragon

Double Dragon Neon is an arcade style beat em up developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Majesco for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, with a PC port featuring online play later developed by Abstraction Games. It's a reboot of the classic beat em up series by Technos Japan. Marian was kidnapped by the evil Skullmageddon, and now it's up to Bimmy Billy and Jimmy Lee to save her the usual way: by beating up hordes of thugs.

Unlike most reboots, which bring the franchise into a modern setting, Neon goes the opposite route by making the setting an exaggerated version of the 80's, complete with crazy hairdos, a hammy villain with a nasally voice, and music played on tapes instead of CD's or records. In addition, it makes numerous references to works like He-Man, Little Shop of Horrors, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Completion Requirements[]

  • Complete the game on Double Dragon difficulty. This requires beating the game on the previous two difficulties.
  • Collect enough mithril to upgrade your tape deck so that you can hold 50 of each tape.
  • Collect 50 copies of each tape.

Master Run Ideas[]

  • No Death Run
  • No Game Over Run
  • Minimalist Run: Even if you collect any Sosetsitsu tapes, you don't automatically equip them; you must activate them in your tape deck. This makes minimalist runs easy because you don't have to focus on avoiding tapes. There's even a trophy/achievement for beating the game without using Sosetsitsu.

Completion Tips[]

The game encourages you work with a partner to beat the game. This is advised, since not only does having a second player help deal with crowd control, but your partner can revive you by rapidly mashing the B/Circle button next to your unconscious body, meaning you don't have to spend a life.

Lives reset to three between stages, so don't waste any money on them unless you think you'll really need it. Save the money for buying tapes, as well as the "You Did What?!" achievement/trophy.

Fuzzface can make the game a little bit easier by dropping healing items whenever you need them. To find him, there's a spot between two trash cans in Mission 6; keep ducking at that spot, and he will appear. The bad news is that Fuzzface was meant to be a jab at annoying tag-along critters like Snarf from Thundercats, and it shows. He stays with you until you quit the game; you can always go back to Mission 6 and find him again.