Backloggery Wiki

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Backloggery Wiki!  Here are a few guidelines to keep the site focused on the main goal: defining completion crtieria.

Creating Game Pages

  • Under the Contribute menu, click "Add a Page," then give it a name and use the standard template.
  • The standard page template has a rough outline, which can be filled in with details about the game.
  • Try to name each page after the original release of the game, and include remakes as headers under "Completion Requirements."
  • When listing systems, use the same names that are displayed on the front page of a user's Backloggery.  This is almost always the "official" full name of the system, and will help drive a common standard.
    • The two big exceptions are NES and SNES - the "full" name is used for almost everything else.
    • Avoid creating system category pages for unusual systems like FDS and N64DD.

Template Sections

  • System(s) and Additional Systems: The System(s) field is for the original release.  Remakes, etc. should be listed under the Additional Systems field.
  • Completion Requirements: The main portion of any page.  Think of it like a checklist that a player could work through to see if they've completed everything.
    • Be descriptive enough that a player could easily find more information online, but be brief enough to avoid spoilers where possible.
    • Avoid broad statements such as "complete all the sidequests."  We know you have to complete all the sidequests - but what are all the sidequests?
  • Completion Tips: A place to make notes about things that may prevent or hinder completion if a player does not know them.  Points of no return or details about requirements fit in well here.  Just try to make it as spoiler-free as possible!
  • Missables: Things that are required for completion that can be permanently missed if not gotten by a certain point in the game.  Don't include anything that isn't lost forever, and don't include things that aren't required for completion, like minor items.