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For many who play video games, part of the challenge is to find all the secrets, finish all the sidequests, unlock all the play modes, and generally experience everything the game has to offer. For many games, it is difficult to determine when you have truly reached "completion." This wiki is intended as a guide for members of the Backloggery (and other completion-striving individuals) to help each other establish requirements for truly completing a game.

The Wiki currently has pages for 96 games.

What is the Backloggery?

The Backloggery is a site dedicated to assisting players in beating those games that they already own.  Users create their "Backlog," a collection of games they own, and track their progress as they play through their collection.  Each game is assigned one of three main statuses: Unfinished, Beaten, or Completed.  Determining whether a game is beaten or not is fairly easy; determining if you've truly completed it is much more difficult.

Check out the Status Guidelines page for more details.

And if you're not already a member, check out The Backloggery !

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